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Classic Greenwich Style

Classic Greenwich Style

3 058 руб.
ISBN: 9-780-8478-2846-3
Издательство: Rizzoli
Год: 2010
Автор: Rinfret Cindy

Greenwich is one of the most exclusive and desirable communities in America. With houses that are among the country's most beautiful examples of colonial, Tudor, and English country style, Greenwich is known for a standard of beauty and luxury that demonstrates a life well lived, and homes with furnishings that are meant to be well lived in. Greenwich style may have grown out of a look that is associated with the town and the houses in it, but its philosophy may be used anywhere. Greenwich style means built for forever. It is meant for generations of children and holidays to be shared under one roof, unchanging in its relevance even while those within the walls grow and change. Greenwich maintains its distinct style without succumbing to the trends that so quickly change society and disappear soon after. This book offers a selection of homes that coveted designer Cindy Rinfret has designed in or around Greenwich-in town, off the Sound, in the country-as well as a home or two located elsewhere but decorated in the tradition of Greenwich style. Her approach is universal, as it always centers around the lifestyle of a family, and takes into consideration both appearance and functionality. By opening these doors, she shows homeowners and decorators who covet the look and style of her work how they can can create it for themselves. All-new photography invites readers insde the eleven homes in the book, from their long, tree-lined driveways through their gracious entryways and into their classically elegant rooms. This book is not about a place but about a style that remains fresh and relevant today while also showing tinges of the history that has cultivated its vibrancy and richness. The homes of Greenwich reflect well-placed values and welcome friends and family with an air of warmth, generosity, and grace.

3 058,00 руб. (Labirint.ru)

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