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Show Design

Show Design

2 484 руб.
ISBN: 978-3-937718-62-0
Издательство: DAAB
Год: 2010
Серия: Design

Trade fairs and showrooms are an increasingly important marketing investment for all kinds of companies and the design of these temporary displays is a growing and constantly changing industry. Both showrooms and trade fair exhibitions serve to showcase and demonstrate a company's new products and services and to convey their brand philosophy. Doing this effectively is not an easy task and best left to marketing and design specialists. Trade fairs are especially tricky as the design of the company's booth is an increasingly powerful sales strategy. The importance of these professional shows is clearly reflected in the huge number and variety of these events held all over the world. With thousands of visitors seeing yours and thousand of other company's booths, the pressure is on to make yours stand out from the rest. Considering the visitor will spend no more than a maximum of 15 minutes at each stand, designers need to clearly get the company's message across in the least possible time, using innovative solutions and technologies. Similarly, showrooms are a way of advertising the product, making the layout and positioning of the wares a carefully considered task. The word "showroom" may evoke images of the first purpose-built car showrooms, which began to proliferate at the time of the mass-production of cars at the beginning of the 20'th century. Nowadays, however, a huge array of products, from sanitary ware and electronics to upholstery, fashion, lighting and furniture, to mention but a few, are investing in showrooms of all sizes and fashions. This book intends to show the great lengths some companies will go to in order to be seen and, more importantly, to be remembered. The following pages will present a wide selection of trade fairs and showrooms from around the world created by established and emerging designers.

2 484,00 руб. (Labirint.ru)

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